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Technology that leverages the power of Stokes’ Law.

Trucent’s COSS-SL is a centrifugal separator designed to achieve high-efficiency removal of corn oil from stillage or syrup. It produces high-centrifugal acceleration for the recovery of free corn oil without any negative side effects to the ethanol or DDG production process.

The syrup enters the centrifuge bowl and is distributed within a vertical disk stack, which increases the surface area of separation and, therefore, efficiency. The disk’s thickness, spacing, and angle; the location of the rising channels; and the number of disks in the COSS-SL disk stack were all designed specifically for DCO extraction.

With over 70 installations, Trucent’s COSS separation technology has proven its extraction efficiency and reliability. Building upon previous successes and our understanding of separation science, we have continued to evolve the COSS system to respond to changes in ethanol plant technology. The COSS-SL utilizes a skid-mounted disk stack centrifuge at its core and performs the industry’s most efficient mechanical extraction of DCO from stillage.