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Oil-Based Industrial Fluid Purification


Industrial fluids are ever-present in a manufacturing environment and have multiple purposes, including cooling, lubricating, and transferring particulates. Straight-oil-based industrial fluid faces contamination of free and emulsified water, ferrous and nonferrous solids, and other offending oils. Over time the fluid’s performance degrades due to contamination, decreasing tool life and part quality while increasing costs and downtime.

The key here is that the oil itself is not degraded beyond production capability; it’s simply contaminated. It is the contaminants in the oil that are decreasing its effectiveness and increasing wear on your tools.

At Trucent, we understand that it is not possible to eliminate contaminants from entering your oil; the fluid is being used in an open-loop system that is constantly being exposed to the external environment. However, we believe it is possible to interrupt the fluid from failing by maintaining a consistent level of cleanliness that meets your desired specification by leveraging the power of oil purification systems.

Some of the separation and filtration equipment we use to remover contaminants are high-speed disk stack centrifuges, liquid-solid separators, vacuum dehydrators, magnetic separators, sump cleaners, and batch reclamation systems. We understand that no two customers are the exact same, so we’ve developed the ability to fit the right application with the right technology and never force a single piece of equipment to do a job it wasn’t built for.

We design our oil purification systems and services around your specification needs, floor space availability, and timing needs. We can install in-line systems that continually operate at your plant. We have mobile oil purification services where a technician comes in with a piece of equipment, reclaims your oil and gives it right back to you. Or, we can be out to your plant within 24 hours for emergency service.

Oil-based chemicals that we manage include:

  • Hydraulic oils
  • Gear oils
  • Turbine oils
  • Vacuum pump oils
  • Paper machine oils
  • Process oils
  • Cutting oils
  • Quench oils
  • Heading oils
  • Extrusion oils
  • Honing oils
  • Stamping oils