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Powertrain Plant Reduces Monthly Oil Spend by $18,000

Powertrain Plant Reduces Monthly Oil Spend

One of the main responsibilities as a plant manager is to assess and assist in upgrading the plant’s operations to achieve growth and meet market needs, such as reduced cost, efficient production cycle, uptimes, and reliable delivery. As one of the best in the business, this transmission manufacturer was eager for new methods that would enable them to improve in these categories.

The plant manager knew there was a hole in the operation by analyzing the amount of press oil the plant was purchasing per month. In addition to the price of new fluid, the plant manager realized they were also incurring absurd costs in wasted oil. On top of that, the guidelines to haul the waste off-site were getting tighter by the day. The team was determined to find a solution even though they were already being pinched for floor space.

With the help of Trucent, the plant decided to bring in a service that utilized a portable high-speed centrifuge and vacuum dehydrator combo skid that could come in to pull from the totes that come off the washer unit, transfer the oil to a clean tank, give back the clean oil, and take the unrecovered waste to the pit to be disposed of. The plant agreed to buy back the clean oil at a reduced price to further assist in closing the loop and reusing fluid that was previously being wasted.

This solution allowed the plant to cut oil spend costs by 50% monthly while reducing their environmental spend by keeping everything on-site. Prior to the new solution, the plant purchased four totes of new press oil at $8,992 per tote, occasionally purchasing a tote of recycled oil at $5,700 per tote. Since implementing the solution, they have been exclusively purchasing the clean oil totes from Trucent and have kept only one new tote on hand in case of an emergency.

“Trucent helped us improve our operations by reducing labor hours spent and cost associated with our press oil.”
– Plant Manager, Canadian Powertrain Plant

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