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Trucent Separation Technologies

Industrial Fluid Solutions Fuid Management

Trucent Separation Technologies is a global leader in fluid separation technology and services. This division is headquartered in Dexter, MI, and comprises three distinct groups: Industrial  Solutions, Bioprocess Solutions, and Food and Beverage Solutions. Each of these groups is equipped with service and technology capabilities to help various industries within their market segment.

Industrial Solutions

Trucent’s Industrial Solutions team is the core group that the company was originally founded on. Since 1997, this team has expanded its capabilities tremendously and now operates across North America and has technology installations in 22 countries. This team aims to provide reliable fluid separation technology and services to the Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Utilities, Glass Fabrication, Metal Processing industries, and more.

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Bioprocess Solutions

As a service and technology provider in the ethanol industry since 2005, we’ve learned that corn oil is one of the most important coproduct revenue streams for ethanol plants. While others are satisfied with meeting only customers’ most pressing needs, Trucent is reaching higher. We pursue new technologies and partnerships centered on solving our customers’ most demanding output and production challenges. We believe that knowledge, data, and unmatched service are critical in changing the story of corn oil extraction. The Bioprocess Solutions team also applies its technical expertise to the Vegetable Processing, Biotechnology, Biodiesel industries, and more.

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Food & Beverage Solutions

You’ve gotten where you are because your product is unique. Why would someone try to maintain a one-of-a-kind production process and meet unique challenges using generic solutions? Trucent’s Food & Beverage Solutions team is dedicated to providing solutions that help producers take the first step to better efficiency and greater quality control. This team was born out of 20 years of experience in fluid separation technology and services to various industries. It now serves the Beer, Juice, Coffee, Tea,  and Milk production industries.

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