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Welcome to the Trucent – Master Fluid Solutions Webpage!

The Trucent Master Fluid Solutions Webpage provides users with direct access to information in understanding those industries and our technologies as it related to the purification and management of industrial fluids. By exploring our technologies and services, you will have a good sense of what is possible by applying our technologies and knowledge. 

Tom LeGault

Trucent and Master Fluid Solutions have a long-standing relationship as partners in the fluid supply and fluid service. Over the years, this partnership has provided what both organizations believe a unique position in the marketplace. That is, leveraging our joint expertise in providing your customers with a complete solution in the application and management of Master Fluid’s technology. 

Contact me directly at or by my cell at 734-646-9122. I will arrange a connection with the appropriate Trucent resource in your area to evaluate the opportunity and design a solution that best meets your customer’s needs. 

Die Caster Reduces Operational Costs

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Die Caster Avoids Shutdown, Saves Over $200,000


Plant engineers determined that an annual discharge and cleaning of the central coolant system would pay off in reduced operational costs.


On top of preventing over 12,500 gallons of chemicals from entering the waste system, the facility was able to bank the overtime hours and over $200,000 in savings.

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