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Trucent's Centrifuge Center of Excellence Becomes a Reality

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Trucent is excited to announce the opening of their new and greatly expanded CentraSep production facility. This $2 Million expansion took this location from 18,000 sq. ft. to a new purpose-built 44,000 sq. ft. building. This allows for an increase in employees, and the addition of new equipment and resources, making it a true Centrifuge Center of Excellence.

This facility, in Noblesville, IN, near the previous location and just north of Indianapolis, is where the renowned CentraSep centrifuges are manufactured. The expansion allows for increased production capacity and provides more space and resources for developing and testing innovative new centrifuge models and additional filtration solutions.


Jeff Beattey, Vice President of the Trucent Industrial Technologies division, expressed his excitement by stating, “With the consolidation of so many resources in one place, this facility will be second to none in the development, testing, manufacturing, and maintenance of industrial centrifuges.” Michigan-based Trucent plans to invest an additional $2 Million in this Indiana facility over the next few years. Trucent’s Founder and CEO, Tom Czartoski, stated, “Our goal was to build an unmatched Center of Excellence for industrial centrifuges, and the opening of this new facility represents the achievement of that goal. We are focused on bringing together dynamic companies and talented individuals to leverage our collective engineering knowledge, vast experience, and world-class customer commitment.”

Trucent’s CentraSep centrifuges are the gold standard for liquid-solid and liquid-liquid-solid separation in a diverse range of industries and applications. With installations in nearly every country, the CentraSep brand is well known and respected throughout the world. The CentraSep product line will be manufactured at this new facility, along with various other new and advanced filtration systems. Trucent’s decision to maintain and expand its presence in Noblesville was based on logistics, location and proximity to key suppliers and customers, and access to an experienced employee base.

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