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Hydraulic Oil Filtration & Purification

Hydraulic Oil Purification

Meeting Your Hydraulic Systems’ High Oil Purification Standards

Worrying about oil contamination in a closed-loop system might seem a little compulsive. It’s a closed system—that’s why most hydraulic systems ship with minimal or no filtration system. That should be fine: in an ideal world, there’s no way for fine particulates and other contamination to enter a closed system.  

But you don’t operate your hydraulic stamping presses and other equipment in an ideal world. You work in the gritty world of manufacturing. In the real world, your system’s breather elements need to suck in air to keep the hydraulic oil flowing. That air brings in particles and moisture. As those contaminants accumulate, they drag down efficiency, decrease the precision of operations, and damage the high-performance electrohydraulic servo valves your hydraulics depend on. Periodically flushing your system and recharging may seem like an acceptable solution. But this poses even more significant risks: Flushing churns up the debris that’s settled throughout your hydraulic system. Without proper intervention, you’ll contaminate your fresh oil and destroy your valves. 

The ideal contamination control regimen focuses on ongoing particulate management and moisture removal. Such a solution needs to be designed to meet your specific challenges–not some generic filtration spec. That’s what it takes to consistently minimize failure mechanisms, wherever they may creep in. Trucent specializes in both the full range of conventional hydraulic oil formulations, as well as non-oil fire resistant hydraulic fluid. We can provide portable off-line solutions or on-site “sidestream”/“bypass” filtration, in either fixed or mobile configurations.

Reclaiming Hydraulic Oil

Some applications are plagued by oil continuously leaking and seeping in large quantities (stamping presses are notorious for this). You can recover that hydraulic fluid, even if it’s getting contaminated by water and other materials. Trucent can help you capture and reclaim that lost oil, remove the water and any particulate, and return the fluid to its OE specification. This will save you a significant amount of money, both in reduced purchases of new hydraulic fluid and paying less to dispose of smaller volumes of contaminated hydraulic fluid. 

And Trucent can go even further. We can install a team in your plant to run and manage all your fluids and filtration technology on a daily basis. Your in-house Trucent team will handle fluid buying, oil analysis, and then stay on board to monitor and maintain those fluids at appropriate levels and concentrations. When those fluids are spent, we’ll dispose of them with minimal negative impact to your business and our world.

No one else offers this level of comprehensive service with all hydraulic fluid formulations.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to begin that conversation, or schedule a no-obligation on-site consultation. Let’s find a better way to get more from your fluids, every day.


Comprehensive Hydraulic Oil Purification/Filtration Solutions & Services

Trucent provides comprehensive solutions to your hydraulic oil reclamation challenges. We can help you maintain your existing centrifugal separators—or design an entirely custom particulate removal solution. We can install one piece of equipment or an entire team to manage all your filtration technology on a daily basis. The goals remain the same: Consistently cleaner fluid, longer tool and equipment life, higher quality parts.

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Hydraulic Fluid Purification Saves Money Reduces Cost

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Die Caster Avoids Shutdown and Saves over $20,000


Cross-contaminated hydraulic fluids created safety and waste issues for a die-cast customer.


Within 12 hours of the call, the fluid manufacturer verified that approved fluid specifications were restored, and plant process engineers verified that the plant was ready for full operation. More than 98% of the off-spec fluid was recovered, and the fire-resistant hydraulic fluid was retained.

“Quick responses, personal service, and knowledgeable technicians are able to achieve desired results with little fuss or disruption of our process.”

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